What's the value of Imperial Compost?

Choosing to use compost simplifies crop management. One decision to apply compost to the soil delivers most of what is needed to grow healthy, profitable crops and to maintain good soil conditions. Imperial Compost contains primary and secondary fertilizers, soil amendments, trace nutrients, and organic matter all in one package that provides:

  • All elements necessary for a complete fertility program: a crop health safety net to cover all basic nutrient growth requirements
  • Nutrients removed from the soil by the previous crop
  • Reduction of additional supplemental fertilizer applications
  • Superior crop pre-plant fertilizer applications: supplies P2O5 and slow-release nitrogen for good, early plant growth

  • A message from Bruce Singh, Imperial Compost's general manager:

    "We strive to manufacture the highest quality compost that you can buy. Our content values are based on data averages from our quality control analyses of many composted lots. We use this average value, which we believe fairly represents our products, in our discussions and printed material for each compost characteristic that we measure.

    With our managed, natural process, nutrients are produced from steer manure that enrich the soil, improve its structure and water holding capabilities, and improve its ability to grow plants that are healthy and resistant to disease. We are OMRI approved and unrestricted for organic crop production. With your order, we will deliver Imperial brand compost to your field and apply it to fit your crop schedule. Please contact me to discuss the details."

    Thank you for your interest in Imperial Compost
    - Bruce Singh